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What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle related disease such as Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes are the biggest cause of death and disability worldwide. Lifestyle Medicine is a branch of evidence- based medicine in which comprehensive lifestyle changes (including nutrition, physical activity, stress management and social support) are used to prevent, treat and reverse the progression of chronic disease by addressing their underlying cause.


A Lifestyle medicine approach differs from conventional medicine in that it is aimed at modifying the behavioural and lifestyle basis of disease,rather than simply treating the disease. It requires the patient/client to be an active partner in the process rather than a passive recipient of medical care.

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What we do

Lifestyle medicine is borne out of evidence suggesting that what we do on a daily basis has a profound effect on our health and well-being. Our client centered approach concentrates on those modifiable behaviours that can lead to chronic disease.By using targeted non drug interventions such as:- physical activity prescription, diet and nutrition counselling and stress management ,we offer comprehensive, evidence based programmes to help you manage your current clinical condition or reduce your chances of developing a chronic illness.

Our aim is to help you make better decisions using a combination of proven behavioural change techniques,  education and social support and we truly believe we can offer you a different perspective on your overall well-being and how to achieve it.

If you need some support and are ready to make some changes then call us to discuss how you can make the first steps towards better health now and in the future, we are here to help.


If you are already a client then book here, or use the Gym catch app.

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